Natural Stone full veneer

Full Veneer

- the gold standard for masonry installation
- 3”-5” typical bed depth
- requires a footing or foundation for installation
- installed with wall ties
- most versatility in final installation appearance
- average 40 square feet per ton (approximately 55 pounds per square foot)
- average 900 square feet of stone per truckload


Natural stone full veneer generally is found in full bed stone, building stone, structural stone, 4” veneer.

Full Stone Veneer (4-Inch)
Full stone veneer, which is commonly referred to as 4-inch veneer, has been consistently chosen as the top veneer choice due to its longevity and durability qualities. It has an unrivaled beauty that can truly make your wall or structure blend with nature.

Full stone veneer is much heavier than many of its veneer counterparts and takes longer to install due to its weight, thickness and irregularity. However due to its size it is much easier to shape and cut into the desired design when compared to thin veneers.

Full stone veneer’s size also offers a distinct advantage over thin stone veneer when it comes to customization and focusing on the details. It allows installers to display the full depth of the stone and to fine tune the details of the installation to ensure the perfect look. Although full stone veneer’s weight provides some benefits it does require a support system when being built due to the pressure that is put on the walls.